IBM/OTI J9 Building Instructions

Pawel Szymanski has set up a detailed instructions page for building kAWT with IBM VAME J9.

Latchezar Hristov was so kind to provide a libraryDefJxelink.opt file for creating a separate kAWT library. For building the library, first the instructions above should be followed, omitting the steps for building th kAWT demo.

Actually I manage to create the kAWT library. Now my projects are only around 15 - 20 K, compared to the huge ones with kAWT classes compiled in - around 150 K for each project. I am including the libraryDefJxelink.opt file, for anyone that might be interested. Note that I compile KJava classes here, instead of making a -prereq kjava and building two separate libraries - I noticed that the sum of the two libraries is bigger than the combined one.
-macroEnv IVEHOME

-cp .
-cp "..{{/}}VAME Palm KJava"
-cp "..{{/}}VAME Palm Utilities Sample"

-o kawt

# name all the classes to be included in this library
-includeLibraryClass de.kawt.*
-includeLibraryClass de.kawt.impl.*
-includeLibraryClass de.kawt.impl.kjava.*
-includeLibraryClass java.awt.*
-includeLibraryClass java.awt.image.*
-includeLibraryClass java.awt.event.*
-includeLibraryClass java.util.EventObject

-includeLibraryClass java.lang.Math
-includeLibraryClass java.util.Random

# name some relevant classes referred to by kJava classes