Building the KJava version of kAWT

The kAWT builing batch files for the kjava version of kAWT require that the following environment variables are set:

Variable Purpose Example
KAWT The kawt home directory (without a tailing slash(!)) set KAWT=c:\kawt
PATH The KVM preverifier and the %KAWT%/tools directory must be in the system search path (PATH environment variable). The preverifier is also required for builing non-kAWT KVM applications. path %PATH%;c:\kvm\bin;%KAWT%\tools
CLASSPATH MakePalmDb and MakePalmApp must be contained in the CLASSPATH. This is not directly related to kAWT but required for builing Palm KVM applications in general. set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;c:\kvm\tools\palm
KJAVA_BCP The bootclasspath for the KJAVA classes set KJAVA_BCP=c:\kvm\bin\api\classes

When the environment variables are set, the following commands can be used to build .pdb and .prc files: