kAWT - Usage and compilation of kAWT with the Wireless Toolkit

In order to use kAWT in the Wireless Toolkit follow the steps listed below.
  1. Create a new Project, e.g. KawtDemo
  2. Since the new Wireless Toolkit v1.0.3 supports libraries, just copy the file kawt_midp.zip file into the c:\programs\j2mewtk\apps\KawtDemo\libdirectory
  3. Save KawtDemo.java in c:\j2mewtk\apps\kawtdemo\src
  4. Try to build and run the application.
if you want to create the MIDP distribution of kAWT yourself you need to download the kAWT source distribution contained in kawt_src_zip. Unzip the file into a directory called c:\kawt for instance. After successfully unziped the kawt distribution install JDK 1.3 and the J2ME Wireless Toolkit. Before we start to compile the kAWT version for MIDP/WTK we need to setup some environment variables, add the MIDP API classes to the classpath and add the previerifier to the PATH variable. The following environment variables need to be added on a Win32 machine. Now you can change to the directory kawt\bin and run the make_kawt_midp.bat compiling the kAWT version for MIDP. The zip file kawt_midp.zip containing the compiled and preverified classes can be found in the directory kawt\build\midp and can be used with the Wireless Toolkit as discussed in the first paragraph.