Project News

2001-10-21 Bugfix provided by Bjørn Aadland
2001-02-18 Finally, the WBXML parser has been integrated in the kXML project. Please visit
2000-07-29 Uploaded a new for the current KVM Version
1999-11-16 Renamed package from de.trantor.wbxml to de.trantor.wap since also the wml parser is included, and other wap related classes may be added. Added a WbxmlEncoder and a SAXWrapper that implements the org.xml.sax.Parser interface
1999-11-10 Moved WbxmlSample.prc and ByteArrayInputStream.pdb into in order to avoid file corruption during download
1999-11-10 Added a WML parser and a mechanism to handle the ugly WAP extensions
1999-11-10 Tested on the KVM, minor bugs removed
1999-11-09 A first "overnight hack" version uploaded