Project News

2001-02-18 Finally, this project has been integrated in the kXML project. Please visit
2000-01-30 Fixed two really bad namespace bugs, and a SAX exception reporting bug. Added a method to query all declared namespaced to StartTag.
2000-01-12 Cleaned up the interface. May result in some incompatibilities, but I hope it's worth (and stable now).
2000-01-04 Moved namespace declarations from attributes to separate field of the StartTag event
2000-01-03 Added isNamespaceDeclaration (int index) to AttributeList
2000-01-02 Namespace support added, but currently not tested very well.
1999-12-28 Changed implementation of SaxPullParser to a small ringbuffer.
1999-12-28 Laurent Bossavit informed me about a bug. read () can obtain the lock again before the notified DocumentHandler thread is able to get it. Thus, sometimes double events are reported. I will change the implementation to a ring buffer ASAP.
1999-12-27 Included tree package
1999-12-27 Resorted packages
1999-12-25 Initial release